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Private Sector Engagement on Disability Inclusion
Encouraging demand - contributing to making the business case for disability inclusion within national private sector companies.
National Network For Women And Girls with Disabilities
With support from CREA, we have been working to establish a national network for women and girls with disabilities in Kenya in a bid to strengthen advocacy and build our collective voice.
Leadership For Women With Disabilities
Creating opportunities to build the leadership and provide mentorship to young women with disabilities.
Advocacy For Women With Disabilities
Working with community-based groups of women with disabilities in various counties training around leadership and advocacy skills to enable constituents engage with policymakers and influence change.
Employability Skills Development
Building supply - increasing the employability of youth with disabilities by focusing on soft skills development.
Adaptive Sports And Health
Circa 2013, we begun a wheelchair rugby workshop that used adaptive sports as a platform to provide access to Sexual and Reproductive Health services to women with disabilities in Nairobi. Over 200 women with disabilities received reproductive health services through partners like Family Health Options.

Wheelchair Rugby Initiative

Wheelchair Rugby is a completely new concept in disability sports in Kenya, generally a reserve of male participants in other parts of the world. Based on the simplicity of the game itself, the high energy yield and competition, the camaraderie, and the lack of wheelchair sports that are open to able bodied members of the society in Kenya, we founded the "Women & Wheels project" which has teams of disabled and non-disabled women in wheelchairs interacting together in an intense, energized competitive sport. The project is inclusive as teams of both disabled and non-disabled women were all in wheelchairs, participating in wheelchair rugby. We created a fun avenue for women with and without disabilities to interact in an effort to dispel the stigma and discrimination associated with disabilities while creating an avenue for inclusive sport and recreation.

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The World Report on Disability estimates that 15 percent of the world population are people with disabilities. There may be some variance from one country to another. But experts believe that many countries significantly underestimate the actual prevalence rate.

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Travelling is sometimes a challenge for people living with physical disabilities as you wonder how you will get there, if the hotel is accessible, how much money will be used for transport and if


According to the United Nations, data on persons with disabilities are hard to come by in almost every country and importantly so, specific data on their employment situation are even harder to

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