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A Social Enterprise

This-Ability is a social enterprise working to advance the rights and inclusion of women and girls with disabilities in Kenya. The organization was founded in 2012 as a Limited Company and later registered as a Charitable Trust in 2018.
Our main objective is to amplify the voices and increase visibility of women and girls with disabilities. 
Mission: To create a world in which women and girls with disabilitie have equal opportunities economically, socially and politically where their rights are acknowledged and respected.
Vision: A world in which the rights of women and girls with disabilities are Respected, Upheld and Promoted.

The Need

Disability is a term heavily associated with negative connotations in Kenya. This conception is as a result of the cultural beliefs that form the lens through which Kenyans first interact with disability which is then perpetuated as a subconscious bias throughout their lives. Some of these cultural beliefs include the myth that disability comes as a result of witchcraft, curses, punishment from God for sin committed among others.
The effect of this stereotype is stigma, discrimination and disenfranchisement that characterizes the lives of persons with disability. The net of injustice tightens even further for women with disabilities. Research has shown that they face “double discrimination” because of the intersection of their identities as both woman and disabled in a highly patriarchal and able-ist society.

The issues unique to women with disabilities often fall through the cracks of mainstream women rights organizations as a result of the lack of inclusion and representation within those larger groups. Further, even in the instances when there is representation, the issues are not articulated as clearly because they exist in direct conflict.

This-Ability's goal is to become a comprehensive resource hub that provides information, tools and best practices to implement and enforce laws and policies to protect the rights of women and girls with disabilities.
Who We Work With: 
This-Ability works with a variety of players to advance the rights of women and girls with disabilities in Kenya. These include:
  • Disability Organizations that realize adopting market based organizational management tools is necessary to reach the scale of impact and access to opportunities for women and girls with disabilities.
  • Private sector companies that realize women and girls with disabilities make up the majority of the Kenyan population that lives under the poverty line, and that this is a large untapped growth opportunity aligned with their corporate mission, capabilities and aspirations of their talented pool.
  • Development players (Governments, Foundations, NGOs, Development agencies and Social investors) who realize that persons with disabilities face many obstacles opportunities, and getting business and society to cooperate is a huge un-leveraged opportunity.

We often bring our clients together in consortium, as we believe that cross-sector collaboration is a critical requirement for any large-scale social impact.

What We Do: 
  • Research innovative market-based solutions to the challenges faced by women and girls with disabilities and assess their impact, business model and scalability in the local Kenyan context. 
  • Design creative strategies that enable organizations to adopt disability inclusive models in their core business structures.
  • Business advisory services for startups for women with disabilities, including Entrepreneurship and Business skills training.
  • Disability Inclusion awareness and training for private sector development e.g. Persons with disabilities in the Workplace, Job Skills development for women with disabilities, Disability Accessibility and Mainstreaming.

Our Team:
Our team combines business strategy and social entrepreneurship with a passion for disability rights. We work to provide technical support and assistance to strengthen disability rights and inclusion in Kenya. We also work on inclusive supply and demand approaches to design and implement strategies and innovative business approaches that are profitable, scalable and eradicate the challenges faced by women and girls with disabilities in mainstream development.
With an average of ten years professional and management experience, our team has solid industry experience behind them. This-Ability comprises of experts from a wide variety of fields including Gender, Development, Policy Engagement, Research, Law, Business, and Education. This mix is strategic and essential for success in advancing disability rights and inclusion.

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